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25% of total sales revenue is now managed & processed via ItsaCheckmate on their integrated digital ordering platforms, bringing in incremental sales and boosting revenue. 



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Erbert & Gerbert's

Erbert & Gerbert's was founded in 1988 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, by Kevin and Beth Schippers, who named the business after two characters from a series of children's stories.

Throughout the years, Erbert & Gerbert's has expanded its presence through franchising, growing to over 70 locations across the country. The brand emphasizes a friendly and quirky image, offering unique and flavorful sandwiches for customers of all ages.  With a focus on delivering quality ingredients and a memorable dining experience, Erbert & Gerbert's continues to delight sandwich enthusiasts and maintain a loyal customer base.



Erbert & Gerbert's had long relied on self-delivery since its founding, but decided to explore third-party delivery options to make sure that they were not missing out on an opportunity.

They initially used another online order aggregator for their POS integration needs, but faced challenges in meeting particular requirements - specifically around controlling their third-party platform pricing and markups. Seeking an alternative solution, they switched to ItsaCheckmate at the recommendation of their POS provider Revel.

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When implementing ItsaCheckmate, Erbert & Gerbert's initially ran a pilot program across their corporate stores. During the program, they utilized ItsaCheckmate to integrate third-party delivery platforms including DoorDash, UberEats, & GrubHub with their Revel POS - Allowing them to streamline their location's order and menu management processes.

Following the successful pilot program, Erbert & Gerbert's designated ItsaCheckmate as their official integration partner for their franchise locations. As a result, 80% of their total locations now use ItsaCheckmate.


Erbert & Gerbert's successfully optimized their online presence on the top three ordering platforms, resulting in a surge of new customers and a significant boost in revenue.



Through ItsaCheckmate, Erbert & Gerbert's swiftly expanded onto various digital sales platforms, resulting in a remarkable milestone. About 20% of their locations' total sales are seamlessly managed through ItsaCheckmate.

Key Benefits


Erbert & Gerbert's expresses immense satisfaction with ItsaCheckmate's integration platform and is eager to onboard more franchise locations. Their ongoing exploration of new additional features being rolled out, including Reconcile for accounting reconciliation and Open Tender for first-party online ordering, highlights their commitment to enhancing operational efficiency in a digital age.

Moreover, in response to the challenges posed by the tight labor market, the brand is considering adopting a Kiosk solution. This move aims to help control labor costs and ensure consistent operations across their restaurant locations, showcasing their dedication to providing exceptional service while optimizing their resources.

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"ItsaCheckmate stands out for its exceptional approach to customer service. They go beyond merely customizing their platform to meet our unique requirements; they proactively anticipate our needs and deliver effective solutions to address the evolving demands of the digital restaurant landscape. Their forward-thinking mindset and commitment to transparency are truly commendable, and we value their dedication to surpassing our expectations."

Aj Dumas - EandG
Aj Dumas
Senior IT Manager at E&G Franchise Systems, Inc.

About ItsaCheckmate

Committed to providing unmatched digital ordering and integration solutions, ItsaCheckmate is a trusted partner in driving sustainable growth and profitability in the hospitality industry. ItsaCheckmate powers scalable first-party ordering, guest engagement solutions, and seamless integrations with leading third-party platforms, helping restaurants truly master omnichannel digital ordering. Its solutions are supported by robust analytics and reporting tools, which enable restaurants to manage and protect every dollar of revenue while optimizing operations.

ItsaCheckmate also houses a next-generation plug-and-play Marketplace solution, enabling restaurants to continually evolve their digital ordering strategies, keeping pace with industry trends. ItsaCheckmate’s suite empowers operators to control online orders and menus directly from their POS, ensuring real-time updates, increased profits, reduced order errors, and improved customer satisfaction.

ItsaCheckmate proudly works with nearly 25,000 global restaurant locations, integrating with 50+ POS systems and 100+ ordering platforms, including industry leaders like UberEats, DoorDash, and Grubhub.