Thunderdome Group

Growing delivery sales to 40% of total order volume



Founded in 2012, Thunderdome Group has established itself as a prominent player in the restaurant industry, operating eight distinctive concepts across its portfolio. With over 40 locations nationwide, Thunderdome Group is dedicated to providing exceptional dining experiences to its customers. By leveraging the capabilities of ItsaCheckmate, Thunderdome Group has achieved significant growth in its food delivery sales, with online orders now accounting for 40% of their CityBird brand's total order volume.


Thunderdome Group experienced ongoing frustrations with their previous online ordering provider due to unresolved API inconsistencies and order errors, resulting in a subpar ordering experience for their team and customers.

Recognizing the need for a more dependable solution and being a prior customer, Michael from Thunderdome Group contacted ItsaCheckmate after learning about POS Direct Sync, which enabled a seamless menu creation and order management experience.



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Using ItsaCheckmate's seamless menu building and mapping, Thunderdome Group improved its menu management capabilities across its portfolio of brands. The Direct Sync POS integration facilitated the efficient synchronization of menus and orders, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information across all platforms.


Enabled their corporate team to easily set and manage menus for 40+ locations


Increased customer loyalty through improved order consistency


$33k annual savings per location due to labor cost reductions and the elimination of manual order entry errors

Key Benefits


Thunderdome Group has experienced remarkable success by utilizing ItsaCheckmate's platform. The company continues to onboard new restaurant brands onto the platform, further streamlining and scaling their off-premise sales.

Benefits include reduced labor costs, improved order accuracy, increased off-premise sales, and faster delivery times.

As a result, Thunderdome Group plans to expand its partnership with ItsaCheckmate by incorporating additional features such as Order With Google and adding EZCater as a new platform to be integrated into their POS.


Through ItsaCheckmate, 40% of our total orders are now from online sales. These orders accurately flow into our POS in real-time without any manual intervention, which drives operational consistency, reduces errors, and minimizes staffing requirements. Without Direct Sync from ItsaCheckmate, it would be impossible for us to process and handle the order volume.

Michael Burton
Director of Training and Culture (Quick Service Brands)

About ItsaCheckmate

ItsaCheckmate allows restaurants to focus on what matters: serving up delicious food and delightful dining experiences. With ItsaCheckmate, operators can toss the delivery tablets in a drawer and control their online orders and menus straight from their POS - updating everything from item availability to pricing - resulting in higher profits, reduced order errors, and happier staff and customers.

ItsaCheckmate proudly works with 20,000+ global restaurant locations, 50+ POS systems, and 100+ ordering platforms including UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, and many more. Getting started is simple and free - we take care of all the heavy lifting and will have you up and running in about a week followed by a 14-day free trial.

ItsaCheckmate is a flat $100/mo per location for unlimited integrations with no transaction or other hidden fees.