Manage All of Your Delivery Apps Directly Through Your POS

Reduce labor hours & errors by eliminating the need to have your employees manually rekey takeout & delivery orders into your POS system.  We integrate your tech stack, future-proofing your restaurants ability to keep up with new innovations.

  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(8)  Multi-platform & location menu management
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(8)  Advanced reporting, alerts, & accounting reconciliation
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(8)  Flat pricing.  24/7 support.  Go live within days
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(8)  Simple, scalable & trusted by 21K restaurants of all sizes
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Two-way integration between your POS & 100+ Online Ordering & 3rd Party Delivery Platforms Including


Automate & Scale Off-Premise Sales

The last few years saw accelerated growth in takeaway and delivery orders - that trend is here to stay and only continues to grow.  Manually accepting these orders is labor intensive, causes a delay in the order flow, and leads to manual order entry errors. 

Our integration automatically accepts and formats all online orders received into your standard ticket format before pushing them into your POS. 

  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9) 39% Increase in online orders in 60 days (Average Cust. Exp.)
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9) 99% Decrease in errors (Remakes & refunds)
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9) 35% Faster order received to delivery times (Better DSP Ranking)
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9) 15% Decrease in labor costs (Save $)

Helping You Protect Every Dollar of Your Hard Earned Revenue

Tired of trying to analyze your sales data across multiple platforms?  Consolidate your reporting with our suite of "RAD" tools (Reports-Alerts-Dashboards) designed to help restaurant operators eliminate blindspots to maximize the efficiency and profitability of their digital ordering channels.

Make data-driven decisions in real-time:

  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9) Access key information summarized into simple graphs & charts
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9) Monitor revenue & performance on the go (Platforms & Locations)
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9) Minimize revenue loss from missed orders & cancellations
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9) Use filters to select variables like specific locations & more

Accounting Reconciliation

Save hours of manual work with this easy-to-use reporting tool that helps you identify the source of accounting differences between your POS, bank statements, and ordering platforms.

  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9)  Identify financial inconsistencies
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9)  Reconcile sales tax, fees, & commissions
  • Clover Landing Page with Form in Hero Image_Design Elements(9)  Easily dispute unfair chargebacks & refunds
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ItsaCheckmate Advantage

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Order With Google Integration

Unlock a new sales channel by tapping into the millions of customers already ordering food through Google Search & Maps.

86 Delivery Tablets

Manually accepting delivery and takeaway orders is labor intensive, causes a delay in the order flow, and leads to manual order entry errors.

Streamline Operations

Improve order speed and accuracy, thus booting customer satisfaction and revenue.

Reduce Labor Costs

Reduce labor hours by eliminating the need to have your employees manually enter takeout and delivery orders into your POS system.

Improve Platform Rankings

How often are delivery drivers waiting at your restaurant for orders to be ready?  Factoring in your estimated prep times will automatically release the orders ticket into your kitchen at the right time – Improving both driver's and your customer's satisfaction.

Improve Customer Exp.

Streamlining the delivery process with ItsaCheckmate helps you speed up order processing and delivery times, obtain higher acceptance rates, and provide a better delivery experience with minimal intervention.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your POS likely includes stock management, but are your online menus linked to this information in real-time to remove items if they are out of stock?  With ItsaCheckmate, complaints from customers placing orders on out-of-stock menu items are a thing of the past.

Increase Local Presense

Integrating your delivery partner platforms with your point-of-sale system allows be on multiple delivery platforms without any extra effort, enabling you to reach a larger portion of your local market.

No Fine Print Pricing. Go Live Within Days

No Transaction/Commission Fees.  No Setup or Hidden Fees.  Month-to-Month, No Contract.



per month/location

  • check-mark  2 Integrations
  • check-mark  Full Menu Management
  • check-mark  Reporting/Dashboard
  • check-mark  24/7 Customer Support


per month/location

  • check-mark Everything in the starter plan
  • check-mark Unlimited Integrations
  • check-mark Insights


per month/location

  • check-mark Everything in the intermediate plan
  • check-mark Accounting Reconciliation

Add Ons

Restaurant Direct

(Order with Google)

  • check-mark Free for brands with up to 5 locations
  • check-mark 2% commission for brands with over 5 locations
Learn More

Table Direct

(QR Ordering)

  • check-mark $10 per month/location
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Quick & Easy Remote Onboarding Backed by 24/7 Support

Phone & Live Chat (Average response time 1.5 minutes) Submit a Ticket or Email Support (Average response time in under 2 hours)
Provide Basic Info
Submit brand & location information
We Setup Your Integration
The average go-live time is 5-10 days.
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A restaurant's ability to have a seamless omnichannel presence should not depend on its size or resources.

From mom & pop restaurants, to virtual kitchens & global chains, we are trusted by over 21K restaurants to integrate over 500K food orders every day.

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Streamline Your Digital Channels

“Partnering with ItsaCheckmate has proven to be a domino effect of great benefits, including increased sales without adding operations complexity, enhanced menu management capabilities, and next-level service with an attentive and responsive support team.

Our team has gained multiple efficiencies throughout the entire process; from the ease of integrating and managing several platforms to the final step of accurate reconciliation.”

Abbey Ramsey Director of Marketing at DRM Inc. (Arby’s Franchisee)

“A rising percentage of revenues come from online deliveries and we need to be on multiple platforms (each with their own tablet!). With Checkmate, we have virtually eliminated order errors and reduced staffing. They will work with you to solve problems unique to your operations.

Can’t beat a customized solution at an off-the-shelf price! They handle it without any changes to the workflow at our end. Great responsiveness and reporting.”

Anil Bathwal Managing Director & Executive Chef atThe Kati Roll Company

“Our four Brink POS stores combined average around 1,200 orders per week on UberEats alone. Once we moved to integrating DoorDash, GrubHub, and Seamless, and adding more stores, the number went up considerably in the thousands.

We can now do more with the staff we have by reducing staff during all but the busiest in-store times. As you know, it is critical these days to get and keep as many customers physically in your door as possible. Having an integrated solution keeps our cashiers focused on the guest in front of them.”

Zino Carr Growth & Operations Strategist at Garden Catering

“Checkmate is the best API service we’ve found. They were able to come into our business and integrate platform after platform with few, if any, errors. Our previous partner wasn’t able to accomplish this in 6 months, but it only took Checkmate a day or two.

They’re incredibly responsive, and if a complex issue arises, they will go to any length to get it resolved, even if the problem isn’t actually in their software. And if you’re a high-volume establishment like we are, their flat-rate pricing makes them more cost-effective as well. “

Susannah Blumenstock Chief Personnel Officer at 1100 Group (Little Star Pizza)

“ItsaCheckmate has been a game-changer for the operations, and overall profitability of my restaurant. My employees no longer have to manually enter or reconcile these third-party orders, which reduces errors and allows me to increase order volume.

I have seen at least a 10% increase since using the ItsaCheckmate integration, because now I can be available on multiple ordering platforms without having to manage the tablets and operations for each.”

Eddy Martin Franchise Owner at Jet's Pizza

“As a restaurant owner you have to deal with so many things daily. I am happy to say that working with Checkmate brings me a great pleasure. Immediate support although rarely needed, seamless integration which means no extra payroll or man-made errors.

It is a plus for my business and it helps me increase the revenue by greatly by paying only a small monthly fee.”

Marian Licxandru Manager at Pizzeria La Gitana

“ItsaCheckmate streamlined third-party delivery orders by integrating them with our Revel POS system. We no longer have to monitor multiple tablets and manually accept orders, or deal with order entry errors on the part of our staff.

When we have issues, Checkmate is quick to get back to us and resolve the problems, with each of our locations having a direct line of contact to their Support Team.”

Tinku Saini CEO & Co-Founder of Tarka Indian Kitchen

What a tremendous solution.  I am beyond impressed after spending an hour on the Accounting Reconciliation platforms.  I have quickly found key information/insights we wanted for quite some time.

Victor Macias President of Pacific Drive-Ins

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